Webinar: The Importance of Fighting Tickets

Joel from Paradigm Ticket Defense talking about the importance of fighting tickets during the webinar

As the insurance market continues to harden for the transportation industry, it has never been more important to do everything in your power to maintain a safe record. This means taking proactive steps to create things like a Culture of Safety within your trucking organization. It is also important to develop reactive strategies for situations like fighting tickets.  

Joel Lacoursiere is a paralegal and owner of Paradigm Ticket Defense. Joel joined us to discuss the importance of fighting tickets in the transportation industry. At a high level Joel and Linda Colgan, Senior Transportation Account Executive with Bryson Insurance, cover three main areas:

  • Demerit Points: What are they? How do you collect them? And how do you minimize their impact on your driving record?
  • CVOR Score: How do tickets and demerit points relate to a company’s CVOR score?
  • What do when an officer pulls you over: including what items to record, pictures to capture, what to say and to whom and how to behave with the officer.

Do you have questions and need insight from a licensed paralegal specializing in fighting tickets for the transportation industry?

Joel is offering a complimentary consultation. You can email Joel here -> info@paradigmticketdefence.ca or call his office at (416) 909-0620.


Our next webinar is quickly approaching and it covers an extremely important topic – Cyber Risk. Kyle Gray, from Ridge Canada, is joining us to discuss cyber liability coverage, protection strategies and what to expect with the Federal Government making it mandatory for businesses who suffer a cyber breach to notify the government and anyone who may have had data stolen.

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Tammy ‘fell in’ to insurance from the aviation sector. Since 1997, Tammy has navigated her way through the trucking industry as a Broker.  Staying true to course and guided by her passion, she has held a variety of positions ranging from Account Executive to General Manager. Today, Tammy is the Director of Transportation at Bryson Insurance.