Takeaways from Observing the 2018 CSVA Inspection Blitz

Last week I attended the 2018 Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CSVA) annual inspection blitz as an observer. This is an annual opportunity to get first-hand inspection experience, gain insight from other safety professionals in the industry and learn some new tools being utilized. MTO Inspectors under the hood of a long-haul truck during the 2018 CSVA Inspection Blitz

To learn about the 72-hour blitz we previously published an article on the 2018 CVSA Inspection Blitz

I wanted to take a moment to share a few random insights:

  • A very quick and easy safety tip! Three-point contact is the practice of always having three secure points of contact when mounting or dismounting a vehicle. This has proven to reduce the number of injuries suffered when operators enter and exit their vehicles. The MTO notes, and from what I saw, most drivers do not follow this easy safety protocol.
  • Truckerpath is an app that transportation professionals use. One of the biggest benefits is that it lets drivers know what weigh stations are open and when they are open.
  • Fleetio is a good tool that creates an automatic notification from an inspection station to the company’s maintenance department. Maintenance instantly knows what is needed and allows the company to order the parts before the commercial vehicle gets back to the service bay. 

    Transportation truck wheel that looks a little questionable may increase chance of being inspected at a MTO stop
    This wheel may increase your chances of getting a ‘red’ light at your inspection stop.
  • Each Ministry of Transportation Ontario officer is required to conduct a minimum of 600 inspections per year. This keeps the inspectors active and there is no mandate on how many infractions need to be handed out.
  • Ministry of Transportation Ontario officers have the authority to enter the trailer at their discretion. Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officers do not have that authority unless they have a search warrant.
  • The MTO says that inspection checks are given at random. During my time observing, I could see a couple instant ‘caution flags’. If I were an inspector, it would be difficult not to inspect those vehicles. You can see from this wheel that it may prompt a “red” light.  

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