Webinar: Impacts of Legalized Marijuana in the Trucking Industry and Workplace

The Federal Government of Canada plans to legalize recreational cannabis at some point during 2018.

The legalization of recreational cannabis has the potential to greatly impact companies in the transportation industry. The leading concern noted by workplaces is for employees who operate motor vehicles. The top five concerns are:

  1. Employees operating motor vehicles
  2. Disciplinary procedures
  3. Decreased work performance
  4. Employees using heavy machinery
  5. Attendance issues

As well, a study by Deloitte shows that currently 22% of Canadian adults consume recreational marijuana. Once cannabis becomes legal another 17% of Canadians say they would consider consuming as well. That jumps the number of Canadians who will be consuming recreational cannabis to around 40%. This will include many employees and drivers.

How will the legalization of cannabis impact the workplace and the transportation industry?

To to answer this question we invited Carole McAfee Wallace, a lawyer with Fernandes Hearn LLP, to discuss the impacts of marijuana in the workplace from a legal perspective. In this webinar we provide an overview of the current regulatory regime for both medical and recreational marijuana, impact of marijuana on individual performance, and review what employers can and should do going forward.

We provide a special focus for operating motor vehicles and discuss the negative consequences Canadian drivers would face being caught impaired while operating south of the boarder in the United States.

Tammy ‘fell in’ to insurance from the aviation sector. Since 1997, Tammy has navigated her way through the trucking industry as a Broker.  Staying true to course and guided by her passion, she has held a variety of positions ranging from Account Executive to General Manager. Today, Tammy is the Director of Transportation at Bryson Insurance.

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