Webinar: Why Your CVOR Score Matters!

The Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration (CVOR) system is administered by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario and is designed to monitor insurer carrier safety. The score is very important for a number of reasons which we uncover below.

Chris Harris, of Safety Dawg, joined Linda Colgan, Bryson Transportation Insurance Senior Account Executive, to discuss why the CVOR matters for companies that operate commercial vehicles.

The webinar covered various CVOR related topics including:

  • Understanding how the MTO interprets violation rates and the actions they take depending on your company’s rate;
  • How your CVOR can reveal opportunities for training;
  • What insurance carriers focus on when looking at your Level II CVOR.

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Before jumping into the webinar, you can  download the “Your CVOR Score Matters” PowerPoint slide deck here to follow along.

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Webinar notes:

  • Answering a question on fighting tickets in the United States, Chris and Linda talked about the Trucking Industry Defense Association (TIDA). TIDA is a non-profit association with members devoted to sharing knowledge and resources for defense of the trucking industry. Their commitment is to help the industry by reducing the cost of claims and lawsuits.
  • Answering a question on training drivers, Chris and Linda shared three online training resources for ongoing training support. These were Carriers Edge, Infinit-I Workforce, and Chris Harris’ Safety Dawg.
  • Linda and Chris also shared about the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario’s Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Safety Manual. The use of this guide should increase knowledge of the provincial safety requirements resulting in a more efficient and safe operation of truck and bus operators. You can download the manual in its entirety here.
  • Finally, Linda and Chris talked about the “Schedule 1” Inspection Overview which you can download here.

Tammy ‘fell in’ to insurance from the aviation sector. Since 1997, Tammy has navigated her way through the trucking industry as a Broker.  Staying true to course and guided by her passion, she has held a variety of positions ranging from Account Executive to General Manager. Today, Tammy is the Director of Transportation at Bryson Insurance.

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